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Say no to Net Neutrality repeal

Protect open Internet for all.

On Wednesday Nov 22nd 2017, the FCC has published a new proposal to undo the existing net neutrality rules meant to prevent ISPs from creating a multi-tiered Internet, where they can freely charge extra fees for faster access to some websites. This new proposal if passed, will basically make the cable companies the gate keepers. They will be able to pick and choose winners and losers, whoever pays them a big check will have their content delivered faster to users, while small businesses and individuals will have a big barrier erected against them to enter the market and deliver innovative products to the public.

This is against the philosophy which created the Internet in the first place, an open and innovative Internet, which provides a level playing field for all.

Act now, say no to the new proposal –

Do not repeal net neutrality

Battle for the net


How to terminate or cancel an unresponsive ssh session.

While connected to a remote host through an ssh connection using Putty or other ssh clients, your client might freeze and not respond to any keyboard activity. In order to force an exit, there is a “secret” keyboard shortcut – Enter~. [ Enter followed by ~ followed by .(dot) ]

[daniel@kauai ~]$ ssh

Uptime............: 21:25:34 up 14654 days, 15:00,  2 users,  load average: 0.09, 0.19, 0.17
Server IP.........:
Operating System..: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
Username..........: daniel

daniel@svm1010:~$ uname

***Press*** Enter~.  {Enter key, followed by '~', followed by '.'}

daniel@svm1010:~$ Connection to closed.

[daniel@kauai ~]$ 

After you press the Enter~. the connection will be aborted and your session will return to the connection originating client shell.

Alternatively, you can background the ssh session with Enter~Ctrl+Z and then foreground it with fg command.

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